In Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy the Earth is blown up to make way for an interstellar highway. But the insult to that injury is that the titular guidebook – intended to help joyriding aliens to find their way around the cosmos – has a very short entry for the planet before it is evaporated. It simply says:

Mostly harmless.*

Those two words, sadly, describe how I feel about The Kid Who Would Be King, Joe Cornish’s Arthurian young person’s adventure movie. Not quite bad enough to dislike, but also missing any of the energy or magic that Cornish brought to Attack the Block, The Kid Who Would Be King is simply mostly harmless. It’s a largely forgettable film with great creature design and one terrific performance.

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Parkland Teens Prove Harry Potter Might Yet Save The World

Backlashes, man. Social media is the perfect breeding ground for them. In the weeks after Donald Trump was inaugurated I saw an interesting backlash happen, one that really disappointed me.

People began comparing the incoming Trump administration to Voldemort and other evil characters from the Harry Potter series, and they began talking about themselves and “The Resistance” in relation to Dumbledore’s Army. It seemed great to me, but there were a whole group of cranks who would tell people to read other books or to stop making some simplistic comparisons.

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