MOANA: Accepting “Where You Are”… And Where You Need To Be

Acceptance as a concept has been hard for me. It’s a key concept in both recovery and Buddhism, and when I started down those paths I found the idea of accepting things as they are to be antithetical to everything I believed. I’m an American, dammit! I believe in ambition and exploration! I always found the ending of Wizard of Oz weird and hard to parse – yeah, there’s no place like home, but there sure as shit is no place like Oz either.

So I did what I always do, and I turned to narrative storytelling and pop culture to help me understand ancient spiritual concepts. Because the thing is that all the stuff we talk about in spirituality and all the stuff we struggle with day-to-day is playing out in our narratives and pop culture, and you just simply have to be open to learning from them. Spirituality isn’t some lofty, stuffy thing – it’s the simple art of being a living human being.

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Why Buddhism?

Okay, so… why Buddhism?

If you’ve been following me/friends with me for a while you’ll know that I’ve been outspokenly atheist in the past. Making a commitment to Buddhism may seem, on the surface, to indicate a huge change in my cosmological thinking. That actually isn’t the case, and I’d like to quickly explain why I chose to take refuge in Buddhism (that’s what they call it when you become a Buddhist) and maybe why it isn’t that big of a deal, when it comes to ‘religious conversions.’

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