Fake Jason, Real Sleaze: FRIDAY THE 13th PART V: A NEW BEGINNING

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A few years ago The Cinefamily in Los Angeles did a 35mm screening of the Tommy Jarvis Trilogy – Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter, Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning and Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives – and I secured a comfy couch at the front of the theater. The couches were each reserved, and the one next to me was reserved for Quentin Tarantino. That couch sat empty for The Final Chapter, but just before A New Beginning started up Tarantino arrived and plopped his lanky body down next to me. Then, for the next 90 minutes, he hooted and hollered, enraptured by the movie. I watched him almost as much as I watched the film, and as soon as A New Beginning was over Tarantino got up and left.

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Resist The Algorithms

You don’t have free will. One of the grand questions of philosophy is being answered today in laboratories as we come to better understand genes and the workings of the brain, and it’s becoming very clear that we actually do not have free will.

Sure, we get to make choices, but they’re incredibly constrained. It’s like in a video game RPG, where you’re given an onscreen prompt that allows you to make three different choices – yes, the choice is yours but is this really free will? In real life those choices are dictated by things like genetics (my love of sweets is likely handed down to me over the generations), time and place of birth (all of your woke beliefs wouldn’t exist if you had been born in Alabama in 1835, for instance), your biochemistry (people with toxoplasmosis, a parasite related to cats, have higher risk-taking behaviors and die in car accidents more often), and your upbringing. Yes, you get to pick from three options, but the entire world of options is never, ever available to you. That’s before we even get to physical, legal and economic constraints.

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