Parkland Teens Prove Harry Potter Might Yet Save The World

Backlashes, man. Social media is the perfect breeding ground for them. In the weeks after Donald Trump was inaugurated I saw an interesting backlash happen, one that really disappointed me.

People began comparing the incoming Trump administration to Voldemort and other evil characters from the Harry Potter series, and they began talking about themselves and “The Resistance” in relation to Dumbledore’s Army. It seemed great to me, but there were a whole group of cranks who would tell people to read other books or to stop making some simplistic comparisons.

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Judge Not, James Woods

I’m inspired by James Woods’ criticism of the Parkland survivors.

Yeah, that sounds weird, but inspiration comes where it does. Reading James Woods – once a beloved actor, now a cranky and reactionary fascist on social media (21st century, you’re so fucking weird) – joining the bandwagon of right wingers criticizing the Parkland kids for daring to smile and have a nice time as they process their own tragedies has made me look inwards and question when I do the exact same thing. And I do it all the time.

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