Judge Not, James Woods

I’m inspired by James Woods’ criticism of the Parkland survivors.

Yeah, that sounds weird, but inspiration comes where it does. Reading James Woods – once a beloved actor, now a cranky and reactionary fascist on social media (21st century, you’re so fucking weird) – joining the bandwagon of right wingers criticizing the Parkland kids for daring to smile and have a nice time as they process their own tragedies has made me look inwards and question when I do the exact same thing. And I do it all the time.

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Check Your Soul

You’ve stepped in dog shit and you don’t even know it. Your shoes are caked in dog shit, and everywhere you go you sniff and say “This place smells like shit.” No matter how clean a place is, no matter how many scented candles are lit, the only thing you smell is shit, and you don’t look at your feet and realize it’s your soles.

This, I try to remind myself, is how judgment works. You look at someone and think they stink, but you’re just getting a whiff of the shit you’re carrying around.

But man, it is hard to remember to keep checking the soles of your shoes.