US: Face Your Jungian Shadow… And A Bad Ending

This review contains complete spoilers for Us.

When Get Out got to the Coagula my heart sank. The movie had been doing so well and then it got to this explanation for the underlying mind-switching and I was deeply concerned. You can really kill the magic of a story by going here, and too often filmmakers don’t understand that we don’t actually care how the magical stuff in a movie happens, we just want to be assured there is a reason.

Thankfully, Jordan Peele kept Get Out moving at such a clip – and kept the Coagula so weird and so aesthetically connected to the film’s themes – that it was only a bump in the road. The movie didn’t get bogged down in the Coagula, and I didn’t walk out with the logistics of the Coagula itching at my brain.

I wish I could say the same about Us.

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What A Night For Monster Kids

Those of us who grew up with copies of Famous Monsters of Filmland and Universal Monster and Planet of the Apes movies on TV, who pored over the Crestwood Monster books like the Torah, who tried out all the make-ups in Dick Smith’s Do-It-Yourself Monster Make-up Handbook – sometimes we call ourselves Monster Kids. We grew up with the weird and the wild, and we took comfort in the outcast and weirdo monsters.

Last night’s Oscars were like a love letter to us.

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