HORROR NOIRE Does What All Great Film Docs Do: Make You Want To Watch Movies

Disclosure: I know one of the producers of this film.

One of the more gratifying things over the past few years has been seeing so many places online come to understand that politics and entertainment are inextricably linked. Years ago, when my career was at its peak, I would be told to keep the politics out of my writing, often by colleagues whose entire sites are now given over to social justice content. But there’s no way to write about entertainment without writing about the world that produced the entertainment; our most basic assumptions about what makes a person heroic are inherently political.

That doesn’t mean everything needs to be a fucking drag. You can talk about the cultural and political ground out of which entertainment grew without making it a polemic. Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror gets it absolutely, 100% right, investigating the connections between the American Black experience while also having fun with some wild, crazy and even brilliant horror movies.

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What A Night For Monster Kids

Those of us who grew up with copies of Famous Monsters of Filmland and Universal Monster and Planet of the Apes movies on TV, who pored over the Crestwood Monster books like the Torah, who tried out all the make-ups in Dick Smith’s Do-It-Yourself Monster Make-up Handbook – sometimes we call ourselves Monster Kids. We grew up with the weird and the wild, and we took comfort in the outcast and weirdo monsters.

Last night’s Oscars were like a love letter to us.

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