Open Minded, But Not “Flat Earth” Open Minded

“You know nothing, Jon Snow.”

I am trying to keep that in mind more and more these days. One of the main concepts behind Buddhism is to hold no preferences, and thus to have no strong, set-in-stone opinions. To keep an open mind and to be able to hear and process other points of view is an ideal towards which to strive; always walking into a situation with the understanding that you might be wrong is the best way to keep learning and become more right.

Of course there are some opinions you just gotta hold on to, like for instance that the Earth is a globe. But that’s why I joined a Flat Earth group on Facebook – partially I thought it would be sort of funny*, but partially I wanted to practice open-mindedness in the most extreme setting I could (with the lowest stakes. I didn’t join a white supremacist group).

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