Judge Not, James Woods

I’m inspired by James Woods’ criticism of the Parkland survivors.

Yeah, that sounds weird, but inspiration comes where it does. Reading James Woods – once a beloved actor, now a cranky and reactionary fascist on social media (21st century, you’re so fucking weird) – joining the bandwagon of right wingers criticizing the Parkland kids for daring to smile and have a nice time as they process their own tragedies has made me look inwards and question when I do the exact same thing. And I do it all the time.

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Pray For Me, Chris Pratt

It’s always the worst when you have to feel bad for rich and powerful people, but I feel bad for Chris Pratt right now. He reacted to news of Kevin Smith’s heart attack with some nice tweets, including tweets saying he would be praying for Smith. I don’t know how many people went after him, but The Wrap has a cross section of folks attacking Pratt for expressing his prayerful intentions.

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