Cinema Sangha is a blog dedicated to the points where pop culture and spiritual principles meet.

I’m Devin Faraci, and I was a film critic and pop culture commentator for a decade before I hit bottom in 2016 when a woman accused me of groping her in 2003. Losing everything I once held as important, I discovered a new way of living, aided by 12 step recovery and Therevada Buddhism. Walking this new path, I have seen that the spiritual concepts that can lead to more happiness and a better world can be found not just in dusty old texts and in church basements, but also in movies, comics and TV shows.

Having been a contentious and pugilistic figure in the world of pop culture writing before, I am dedicated to making amends to my community by sharing my personal journey and the wisdom I am taught along the way, and making all of that palatable to people who never imagined they would want to read about anything spiritual.

I am also currently working to make amends to people I have individually and personally hurt. Part of that process was making amends to my accuser. You can watch both of us speak about this journey on PBS’s #MeToo, Now What?, which is streaming for free here.

This is not a self help website or a religious website; Cinema Sangha combines real world ideas about how to live with unabashed and joyful fandom of the popular arts. Our entertainment can distract us, but our entertainment can also show us a better way to be.

Finally: Cinema Sangha is not the Truth! This blog presents one flawed man’s perspective, and that perspective is always changing. Take from here what you find useful, and leave behind that which does not speak to you.

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