Well, whaddya know? The Captain Marvel costume from the upcoming SHAZAM! movie looks absolutely great. I completely love it, and it’s making me reconsider my previous eye-rolling about Zachary Levi in the role.

Best look yet at the Shazam⚡ suit. I dig it. What about you guys?

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First of all… it’s bright! We had seen the back of it previously, and we knew that the red popped (and that the cape was on point), but this picture really shows off how true to the primary colors this suit is.

What’s more, the design is simply the Captain Marvel design. It has texture, but one thing I learned doing many superhero movie set visits is that these suits need texture to look correct on camera. Without the texture they come across as fake.

But the detail that sold me is the lions on the cape clasp. That seems, to me, to be a reference to Tawky Tawny, the humanoid talking tiger who is a friend of the Marvel Family.

I’ve never been quiet about my dislike of the DCEU. The films tend to be darker than I like (even Wonder Woman is pretty dark, visually), and most of the films so far have given me the sense of being made by people who are slightly embarrassed by the characters. There’s always an effort to make them cooler in some way, tougher, more badass. It’s no coincidence that the only DCEU movie that has actually been good so far has taken its main character seriously without distancing itself from her. It looks like SHAZAM! is whole-heartedly embracing its silly, kid-friendly roots.

That doesn’t mean the film will be silly (although it should be kid-friendly), but this is the most explicit metaphor for childhood escapism in all of comics, and I’m glad to see that the movie is allowing the big screen Captain Marvel to represent a POSITIVE kid’s version of a big hero. It would be easy to say that modern kids see gun-laden grimdark guys as heroes, but I think this is a revolutionary and subversive move for the modern blockbuster landscape.

I’ve been very suspicious of this film (my brother once said Terry Crews was the right actor to play Captain Marvel, and I really have had that perfect image stuck in my mind ever since), but everything I’m seeing is making me hopeful. Who knows what the final product will be, but if the movie is bad it won’t be bad because they’re shoving Marvel into the Murderverse.

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